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The international business platform connects businesses of all sizes, forms, and fields of industry. The platform supports import, export, acquisition, business cooperation and investment for firms and individuals from all over the world.

It makes offerings goods and services to new partners easy, effective, fast and affordable, both in one's own country and in other countries across the world. Companies use the platform to find new producers, sales partners or other attractive acquisitions. It is also interesting for investors or companies who are seeking investors.


The entire world or selected countries

Now, thanks to the platform you can reach partners from all over the world or right in your own country. The platform is available in the following versions:


The platform

The platform offers:

  • Business cooperationa platform focused on different forms of business cooperation
    • Are you looking for a new business opportunity (business partners)?
    • Do you need to expand your franchise?
    • Do you need to take better advantage of your free capacity (storage, production, market, and distribution)?
    • Are you looking for an opportunity to export?
    • Are you looking for new producers of merchandise or services?
    • Do you have another need in the business field?

  • Acquisition - a place for interesting acquisition
    • Do you need help with further developing your business (not only financially)?
    • Do you want to take part in the development of businesses that are already active?

  • A place for investment - a platform for those who are seeking an investor or for those who want to invest
    • Do you have available capital (in whatever amount)?
    • Would you like to invest in an exciting project?
    • Are you looking for a new project or an established business?
    • Are you an entrepreneur searching for a strategic investor for further development or sale?
    • Do you have an exceptional idea and you need help in the realization of your aim? (Are you looking for an investor?)

  • Selling your Business - a platform for the selling or purchasing of attractive businesses
    • Would you like to buy an organization that is already running?
    • Are you selling your company and searching for a worthy buyer?
    • Do you need to buy an established organization fast?


Present your aim on

You can present your aim on the platform

  • 300 Euro / language variation / ad publication
  • view the ad for up to 6 months
  • up to 50% discount possible for start-ups
  • possibility of editing during the period - up to 3x

  • Media support within the platform, social networks
  • The possibility to target a country and language variation

  • easy ordering process and implementation - we do everything for you
  • the possibility to hide your contact - we will limit the unserious offers/bidders

  • free consultations and advice - unbiased, impartial
  • basic mentoring is possible


Ordering a presentation

Order your presentation on the platform:


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