China Baowu Steel Group

China Baowu Steel Group

China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Baowu”) was reorganized from former Baosteel Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Steel (Group) Company on December 1, 2016. On September 19, 2019, China Baowu was restructured with MASTEEL GROUP.
China Baowu has a registered capital of 52.79 billion yuan and an asset scale of over 830 billion yuan. With production capacity of about 90 million tons, ranking first in China and second in the world, it is a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment companies. In 2019, China Baowu continued to lead the industry with steel output of 95.22 million tons, gross revenue of 556.6 billion yuan and total profits of 34.52 billion yuan, ranking 149th in Fortune Global 500 List.

China Baowu, with the vision of "becoming a global leader in the steel industry", the mission of “building high quality steel ecosystem together”, and the values of "integrity, innovation, collaboration and sharing", and through the reform and development, is committed to building the leading advantages in such areas as iron and steel manufacturing, green development, intelligent manufacturing, service transformation, and excellent benefits, and forging a pattern of coordinated development of new material, smart service, resource and environment, industrial parks, industrial finance and other related industries with green, high-quality and smart steel manufacturing as the basis.
It aims to build Baowu with "the capacity of 100 million tons" and "revenue of 1 trillion yuan" and builds a number of pillar industries with billions of revenue and billions of profits and a group of excellent enterprises with revenues of 10 billion yuan and profits of 1 billion yuan.

With the goal of "leading the development of global steel industry", it focuses on the scale, technology and efficiency in the steel manufacturing industry, improves the industrial concentration through industry restructuring and integration, actively promotes smart manufacturing, becomes a world-class smart manufacturing service provider of carbon steel, special steel and fine stainless steel, and implements green, high-quality, smart, cost, and scale management strategies.


China Baowu focuses
on the development of advanced manufacturing

As for the new material industry, it focuses on the development of advanced manufacturing and the needs of the pillars of a great power, mainly promotes the industrialization of light metal materials such as magnesium, aluminum and titanium, special metallurgical materials, metal packaging materials, and carbon-based, silicon-based and other inorganic nonmetallic materials needed in such fields as new energy, marine engineering and aerospace, and enhances the advantages of differentiated competition in the field of high-performance metal materials.

In the smart service industry, it, based on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, builds digital design and consulting services and intelligent operation and maintenance services for industrial equipment, builds third-party platforms based on steel and related bulk commodities, and provides integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing and services in the whole life cycle for the steel ecosystem.

In the resource and environment industry, it focuses on the development, trading and logistics of mineral resources for the main industry, innovates business models, and builds a world-class integrated service platform of mineral resources in the whole supply chain. Relying on the equipment, technology and resource advantages of urban steel mills and taking city-industry integration, development of urban mines and comprehensive utilization of resources as the orientation, a professional industry and an environmental protection industry with city-industry integration will be formed.

Cooperation with external superior enterprises

In terms of the industrial park industry, starting from revitalizing the group's existing real estate resources, through joint venture and cooperation with external superior enterprises, it builds a new industrial park to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of urban economy, ensure the new career development of employees in the transformation of old steel bases, and support the construction of the steel ecosystem.

In the industrial finance industry, it should build a professional, market-oriented and platform industrial finance service system, provide supply chain finance and asset management services for the steel ecosystem, and further give play to the functions and advantages of the financial services of industrial companies in serving the development of the real economy.

Sticking to the mission of serving the country through industry, China Baowu builds a high-quality steel ecosystem, advances the strategic business layout of "one base and five industries" and the overall arrangement of "three steps", speeds up implementing the strategic objectives of "A hundred million, A trillion, A hundred billion, Ten billion, A billion", and makes unremitting efforts to become a leading force in global steel industry and create a new situation of developing state-owned capital investment companies.


China Baowu Steel Group


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